Call for Abstract - 2019

The Australian Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ASPOG) is a multidisciplinary society devoted to further understanding the psychosocial aspects of women’s health, particularly in the field of obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive health.

The strength of the Society is its multidisciplinary membership and its information, supporting meetings that foster interest in the communication, counselling and psychosocial aspects of women’s health.

The Society welcomes health workers and researchers from all disciplines, including medicine, midwifery, nursing, psychology, social work, social sciences, and more.

We welcome papers on all topics that reflect the interests of the society.

Abstract Preparation

1. Abstracts must be no more than 300 words.

2. Abstracts should not contain references or figures; however, they may contain tables.

3. Please submit in a word document using Arial font size 11. The title is to be left justified, in Upper and Lower Case (not CAPITALS) followed by double spacing, then author/s name/s in upper and lower case. Use number superscripts for authors’ institutional affiliations and list affiliations and city below the names. The name of the author presenting the paper must be underlined:

a. Title (Upper and Lower Case -not CAPITALS)

b. Author 1, Author 2, Author 3

c. 1 organisation and city (one line per affiliation)

4. Do not use printing enhancements such as different fonts, italics, underlining, bold text etc, except for italics for non-English words or scientific names where necessary.

5. All abstracts will be printed as submitted, so should be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar before submitting.

6. Your abstract may be eligible for one of the prizes. Please check if you are eligible for any of the prizes, refer to guidelines on the website.

Include a statement on ethical compliance, not counted in word limit.

Abstract Submission

1.  Abstracts must be submitted by email (as a Word attachment) to

2. Please name the e-mail attachment as follows: First author’s surname+initials.doc eg Citizen J.doc

3.  If you are the first author on more than one abstract, please number the e-mail file as follows: Citizen J1.doc, Citizen J2.doc

4.  E-mails MUST be received on or before Monday 15th April 2019. You will be emailed an acknowledgment of receipt.

Notification of Acceptance

1.      Authors will be advised by Friday 31st May 2019 whether or not their abstracts have been accepted.

Successful abstracts will be published in the Meeting handbook and distributed to delegates at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Abstracts will be published only if the presenting author is a registered or invited delegate. If authors do not register by the specified date of Friday 5th July 2019, the abstract will not appear in the program and will not be published.

The ASPOG call for abstracts information is correct at the time of printing. However, the organisers reserve the right to change the information where necessary without notice

All presenters must pay registration fees to attend the Meeting.